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ProLight LED Light Therapy Testimonials
What people are saying about ProLight LED Light Skin Treatment:

"After researching several companies for LED phototherapy, I decided to purchase the ProLight LED Light Therapy system.   What I like about the ProLight LED lights is that I can customize my treatments for each client.   I can use just one ProLight or a combination of 2 different ProLights in treatment.  Easy to use and clients enjoy the results.  Many clients do not want surgery or Laser and this gives them that option."

Taylor, Clinical Aesthetician

" I found out that many, if not all, of these devices or equipment that I have been looking at buying only had the "red" LEDs.  After attending trade shows and doing my own research, I learned that using certain infrared wavelengths along with red wavelengths are the best. I was looking for a hand-held probe that incorporated not only the "red" LEDs, but also included the "infrared"  LEDs.    The combination of Red and Infrared in one device are highly beneficial and my clients love the treatments."

June, Master Aesthetician

" I was concerned about purchasing LED Light Therapy equipment on the internet, but after researching the internet and reading everything I could find on LED Lights, I decided to purchase my ProLight  Red/Infared and ProLight Blue.   What I was so impressed with is that I could actually speak with an asthetician, Rita,  rather than some sales person.  She took the time to speak with me and answer all of my technical questions.   How refreshing to actually get to speak with the owner of a company!"

Nancy, New York, N.Y.

"I am a new aesthetician and wanted to offer LED light therapy treaments for my clients.   I am on a limited budget and have very little space in my treatment room.  What I like about the ProLight LED Light for skin treatments is that is does not take up counter space or floor space like other large equipment. I can take the ProLights to any treatment room and when I am done using them, I place them in my drawer.    When I have questions, Rita Page is able to explain everything in an easy way for me to understand."

Tara, Beauty Therapist

"My skincare practice is mostly acne clients, and I had purchased another companies device some time ago.  The problem I had was it eventually broke and I could not get it fixed.  I only used it for less than a year. The company had gone out of business.  I did my research and decided to purchase from ProLight Aesthetics.   They are the actual manufacturer and not some retail distributor.  I am very happy with my purchases."

Robin, Aesthetician

"For some time I was looking for something to offer to my clients that they would find relaxing.  Many of my clients enjoy massage and aromatherapy and ProLight LED Light for facial treatments has been wonderful for my skincare practice.  Rita has been extremely knowledgable and provides education over the phone or by email.   Rita is a true professional."

Cherri, Aesthetician

"I originally came to know about Rita Page from her educational aesthetic videos which I absolutely love.  Her teaching style is clear and easy to understand.  When I started looking to add something new and fresh to my skin care menu, I chose ProLight LED phototherapy equipment because I knew the technology would be made right.  Easy for the aesthetician to use. Since I am on a budget, they provide professional discounts as well."

Bonnie, Aesthetician

"I have been using the ProLight Blue , acne light therapy for my breakout around the chin and jawline area.   For the first time in months, my breakout is less and when I do break out my skin heals faster."  

M. Kendrick, Nebraska

"All aspects of wrinkling, skin coarseness, pore size, and irregular pigmentation showed visible improvement with Photo Rejuvenation."

Dermatology Times

"I have done a lot of research on LED light therapy and I chose ProLight LED phototherapy equipment for my skincare clinic. I do not have a ton of money to buy a large unit.  My clients experience a relaxing holistic skin treatment that delivers visible results without any down time."

Suzanne, Canada

"In addition to improving coarse, rough skin with enlarged pores, photo rejuvenation treatments reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, including fine wrinkles, freckles and irregular pigmentation."

Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Dartmouth Medical School, speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology's 2001 Annual Meeting

" Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the ProLight Amber and the ProLight Red on my clients during their facial treatment and my clients notice an improvement in the texture and color of their skin.  I include the ProLight devices with my microdermabrasion treatments and the results are great." 


"I am e-mailing you to let you know how helpful you have been in answering all of my questions and how thorough you have been in writing your LED Phototherapy manuals. The Prolight unit is very easy to use.  I have learned so much from you. Thank you."


" Rita, you are such a wonderful, professional educator and I have learned so much from you.  I have all your educational videos and they are great. I decided to purchase my LED devices from you because of your honesty and integrity.  I really like the ProLight devices and I am seeing very good results with them."


" I am very happy with the results I am getting with your ProLight devices. It's so hard to know who to trust and who to buy from now-a days, but you have been wonderful.  They are very powerful and easy to use.  I am so glad that I bought them from you and I didn't have to pay a fortune to have such great technology."  



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" The ProLight Red has really improved the texture and healing of my skin after I had my facial surgery and chemical peel. Even my physician noticed that my skin had healed faster and the scars are healing smoothly.  I plan on using the ProLight Red for preventative measures to keep my skin looking healthy."


"I purchased the ProLight Red Light Therapy several years ago and I still use my light.  My skin is brighter and has a nice glow.  I wanted to use something for my skin that would not take a lot of time to do and was easy to use.   Thank you for a great product."

Luanne, Wisconsin

" I received my ProLight Blue a couple of weeks ago and I love it.  I have been using the ProLight Blue in my facials and acne services and my clients notice their skin looking so much better.  I will continue to use this device in all of my facials."


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