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ProLight Ultrasound/Galvanic Device

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Proven, Effective-ProLight Ultrasonic Wave + Galvanic Current


Exfoliation is only one aspect of skin rejuvenation


Did you know that one of the most important key elements to an effective skin care treatment is product penetration.

Traditionally, aesthetic professionals will increase product penetration by various manual massage movements, heat, and a combination of various modalities.

Many medical and aesthetic professionals agree that penetrating active ingredients or drugs into the skin can be accomplished with galvanic current, called iontophoresis or using galvanic current for deep pore cleansing by emulsifying the sebum, cellular debris, and make-up in the follicle/pore, called desincrustation. More recently, Sonophoresis, also known as phonophoresis,....utilizing ultrasonic waves to penetrate water-soluble active liquids, gels, serums, or ampoules into the dermis for enhanced facial rejuvenation. Research has found that the use of ultrasound can stimulate fibroblast activity, increase local circulation, and stimulate wound repair.

Prolight Ultrasound/Galvanic device incorporates ultrasound technology and galvanic current to enhance any skin care treatment for maximum skin rejuvenation.


What is the difference between 3MHz , 2MHz, and 1MHz?

Many individuals, when shopping for an ultrasound facial device, tend to believe that a higher number would mean deeper penetration of active ingredients or a more effective rejuvenation treatment. So, they buy a 3 MHZ device, thinking the larger the number the better. However, when it comes to ultrasound is actually the opposite. 1MHz and 2MHz ultrasound frequency is used for body and facial skin treatments, while 3MHz ultrasound frequency is shallow with limited penetration. The ProLight Ultrasound/Galvanic Device incorporates the frequency of 1MHz with variable settings, which allows for superficial and deep penetration of active ingredients and enhanced rejuvenation of the skin for the face and body.

ProLight Ultrasound Facial Rejuvenation Device uses safe and effective sound waves that are constructed to target the middle layer of the dermis in the skin. This is where collagen, elastin and DNA are manufactured. The energy emitted to this area from the sound waves raises the metabolism of your collagen and elastin production, creating healthier, thicker, firmer more youthful skin.


Skin Repair from the Inside out

Mechanical effects: The mechanical effects include the very important micro-massage of tissue, softening of scars,increased superficial toning, and increased elasticity of the skin.

Thermal effects: The thermal effects of ultrasound create friction and increase local heat. By increasing the metabolism of fibroblasts and other connective tissue cells, production of collagen and elastin increases. Increased temperature also stimulates blood flow to the area, bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients for healing. Another benefit of increased blood flow is an increase in lymph flow, which aids in removing toxins and waste products.

Chemicals effects: Ultrasound and Galvanic helps increase the rate of chemical reactions in cells to facilitate healing. It also decreases the local pH and increases the permeability of skin cells, effects that favor the penetration of active ingredients in the epidermis.



  • UltraFirm-Ultrasound and Galvanic in one beauty device---Deep pore cleansing,called desincrustation, with galvanic technology and Deep Product Penetration-with ultrasound and iontophoresis technology----all in one portable device.

  • Gold Standard for increased product penetration: Can be used to penetrate water soluble active serums, ampoules , liguids and gels into the skin for enhanced rejuvenation.

  • Use after exfoliating with the ProLight Skin Scrubber/Spatula for superior product penetration.

  • Increase circulation and improve skin metabolism.

  • Improve texture, tone, and clarity of the skin

  • Safe for all skin types...even the most sensitive skin.

  • Rejuvenate the skin with 5 different settings

  • 1MHZ Frequency with variable setting for Face & Body Penetration--can be used safely on face and body.

  • Continuous, Pulse, and Ultrasonic Massage settings

  • Auto-time setting: 10 minutes

  • Output intensity: low-(0.36 w/cm2) -High-(0.58 w/cm2)

  • UL approved power supply

  • Detailed Instruction Manual

  • One Year Warranty

  • No Risk-Guarantee 30 Day

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