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Our Professional ProLight LED Facial Light Therapy Equipment

Features & Benefits:


  • Professional, high quality, powerful ProLight LED Facial Phototherapy light equipment that improves the skin from the inside out, naturally.
  • Made in America | Proudly engineered & manufactured in the USA.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing Facility.  ROHS(lead-free) compliant materials.
  • All of our ProLight LED Facial Light Therapy equipment go thru a complete ISO inspection to assure our customers of quality manufacturing.
  • Lifetime Full Warranty
  • The LED Facial Light Therapy industries only Lifetime Full Warranty.
  • FDA Compliant Materials
  • Highly rated for our professional education & technical customer support.
  • Easy to use, hand-held and portable.
  • Space saving design-No large bulky counter-top machine or floor machine.
  • Can be used worldwide with all voltages.
  • Full and consistent power output power cord and not batteries.
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Used by aesthetic professionals, med -spa's, salons and clinics worldwide.



Our ProLight LED Facial Phototherapy Equipment:



Professional ProLight Red-Infrared Light Therapy™ - Collagen Red Light Therapy


Detailed information about our Professional ProLight Red-Infrared Light Therapy



Professional ProLight Amber-Infrared Light Therapy™- Redness& Irritated Skin Therapy


Detailed information about our Professional ProLight Amber-Infrared Light Therapy




Professional ProLight Blue Light Therapy™ - Acne Blue Light Therapy


Detailed information about Professional ProLight Acne Blue Light Therapy




Professional ProLight Green LED Light Therapy™- Face Discolorations


Detailed information about Professional ProLight Green



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