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Made in America | Designed, Engineered and Assembled in America

ProLight Technology has all the features you would expect from a high-end, hand-crafted Professional Phototherapy device. Our ProLight LED devices are manufactured for durability, reliability and longevity for the last 12 years.   ProLight LED Light Therapy provides Advanced Multiple Wavelength Technology with Powerful Super Luminous Light Emitting Diodes without having complicated settings and long treatment times.  Space-saving, effective, and extremely affordable.


Easy to Use

ProLight Technology is simple, easy to operate for the beginning aesthetic professional, while delivering all of the capabilities that an experienced professional expects.  Incorporate LED Phototherapy and/or LED Tooth Whitening treatments into any aesthetic service for increased results and profits.


Gold-Standard Technical & Customer Support

We know it can be very confusing when looking to purchase equipment. Quite frankly, the technical information can be over-whelming. That is why we provide email consultations free of charge. We specialize in providing  professional expertise that is the gold-standard in the aesthetic industry.  You can be confident that when you call, email, or order our products that you will receive honest answers to all your questions. 


Outstanding Education

ProLight Technology takes education very seriously, and has pledged to provide you with detailed training manuals,treatment protocols, and an Advanced Phototherapy Certification Study Guide and Certificate written by expert, award-winning educator Rita Page, CIDESCO Diplomat who is known internationally for her outstanding educational videos,lectures, and articles. 


How Do We Compare

  • Our ProLight LED Light Therapy equipment operates with our wall outlet power supply that provides full, consistent and reliable power to the ProLight LED Light Therapy devices.     
  • Many companies sell their equipment with one, maybe two incorrect wavelengths and weak, low power LEDs. You will have the benefit of clinically proven multiple specific wavelengths and Super Luminous Diodes for enhanced results.
  • Pulsing LEDs reduces light output at skin level. We provide the Gold Standard Continuous Wave Technology for maximum light output at skin level. 
  • No unneccessary low or high settings. Either the LED is on or it is off.
  • One LED Light device cannot "treat all skin conditions". We provide a selection of LED light therapy devices so that each light device can target specific skin conditions. You can provide a customized light treatment for each client.
  • Our Professional ProLight LED Light equipment only requires a 30 second treatment spot, not a 2, 3 or 5 minute treatment spot.  Many companies design their light with such low power output, that they require you to use their light several times a day and every day, which is time consuming.   
  • Sanitizing Concerns. Numerous aesthetic professionals are using LED devices from one client to the next without sanitizing the treatment head of the device.  The LED diodes are in direct contact with the skin accumulating product, sebum and dead skin cells from their clients. The LED diodes begin to degrade over time and produce less light. Our Professional ProLight LED devices have recessed LED diodes and removeable outside treatment cap for disinfecting, sanitizing and autoclaving.


Exclusive Lifetime Full Warranty

While other companies offer a basic or limited warranty, we offer our Lifetime "Make It Right" Guarantee-if anything happens to our devices, we replace it with a new device or service the device-no questions asked and at no charge.





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