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Teeth Whitening System by ProLight
Salon/Spa Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
Oct 1, 2008 --

ProLight Technologies is providing the aesthetic professional the opportunity to generate additional income by providing Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening to their clients.   With more than 100 years of development and over 20 years of rapid, advanced technological improvements in dentistry, cosmetic teeth whitening is now one of the most common and most requested cosmetic treatments today.

Our proprietary professional teeth whitening formula utilizes carbamide peroxide gel, which is the ingredient of choice for professional dental whitening.  All of our products have been submitted to the FDA for review and have been released by the FDA for sale. The FDA regulates dental bleach whitening systems as cosmetics instead of medical products and procedures.

The  high power illuminator has 27 Multiple Wavelength blue-cyan light emitting diodes which deliver maximum teeth whitening in minimum time.  The LED Bleaching system includes illuminator, mobile base/stand, adjustable arm, power cord , hygenic syringes with high viscosity bleaching gel, custom moldable trays, user manual and 1 year warranty.

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